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Burglars, human rights and David Cameron being a vote-hungry tool

I’m getting a bit rubbish aren’t I? I’ll start posting properly again soon. Promise.

Anyroad – David ‘I’m Dave Cameron’ Cameron has said that burglars “leave human rights outside” when they break into a property.

A pretty bold statement, I think you’d agree. It’s also wrong, I believe, but that’s a lengthy discussion for another time.

The fact that it is such a lengthy, debatable issue makes it all the more sad that it is being used as a political football. I can understand, for instance, why Munir Hussain set after an intruder who attacked him and his family, tying them up. I can also understand however, why the Court saw fit to jail Mr Hussain after he chased him down a street, attacked him with a cricket bat and left him with permanent brain damage. It is a delicate issue, one with no clear answers, and one which undoubtedly will be debated through the years to come.

Which is why it is so annoying to hear Cameron come out with these three statements in the same interview:

The reason for changing the law is people I think do find it rather unclear what the current framework of reasonable force actually means.

Fair enough…

The moment a burglar steps over your threshold, and invades your property, with all the threat that gives to you, your family and your livelihood, I think they leave their human rights outside

Well, at least that’s clear what you think…

Mr Cameron said that, under the Conservative proposals, householders would only face prosecution if they used “grossly disproportionate” force against a burglar.


If burglars have no human rights when intruding on someone elses property, then force of any proportion would seem acceptable. Yet by saying householders can face prosecution in extreme circumstances is almost like adding a safety net to a soundbite, as well as being grossly contradictory. “THIS MAN HAS NO HUMAN RIGHTS…except when you hit him a bit too hard.” Either one or the other, Dave. I don’t mind which, as you surely must have an opinion, just stop trying to please everyone in the run up to an election.

As I’ve said, this is a tough and emotional subject to cover, and I’ve not attempted to cover all of it.. I just tried to say that I hate the idea of Cameron trying to satisfy all with contradictory statements, advocating a policy he will find impossible to carry out. In trying to please everyone, he’ll end up just pleasing no one.


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